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How to add and change a parent task?

In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly add a parent task to a new or existing task, or change the parent task.

How to create a new user?

In this tutorial you will learn how to create new users, set the rules and permission according to the already existing users and adjust settings like language and administrator function.

How to work with repeating tasks

Easy Redmine enables working with repeating tasks. Let's take a closer look at how to actually use repeating tasks in Redmine.

How to enable repeating tasks

This Redmine video tutorial shows you how to enable the function of repeating tasks. Save your energy and let the tasks be created automatically.


Receiving notifications - how to set up?

Are you having trouble with receiving notifications from your Easy Redmine? This video tutorial shows you how to fix it...

Color vizualisation of tasks in Easy Redmine


Differenciate tasks visually according to their properties. Learn how to do it in short Redmine video tutorial by Easy.

All ways how to correctly finalise projects in Redmine

When a project is completed, you have multiple options how to sort it accordingly. Learn all options in this Redmine VIDEO tutorial.

Defining working time - setting

Learn how to set working time/calendars in the system according to your company policy. Also in this video, reports (statements) of attendance and spent time of your staff.

Project statistics - video

This tutorial shows how to use and work with project statistics.

Redmine Chat plugin

Project chat is an instant messaging tool (plugin) available for both Easy Redmine and generic Redmine. If you demand effective teamwork and collaboration, this extension is kind of necessity for you.

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