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Meeting Calendar

Learn how to manage personal and project meetings with Easy Redmine Meeting Calendar plugin. Meetings, invitations, calendars, exports - all in video tutorial.

Knowledge Base and Project Documentation

Learn how to foster knowledge sharing within your company using Easy Redmine Knowledge Base. Knowledge posts & categories, quick search, knowledge for projects or tasks, recommendation to users.

Custom Fields with Formula

Learn how to give your Redmine the power of MS Excel. By using Custom Fields with Formula, you can easily create new calculated property for any system entity. Short video tutorial

Contacts plugin

Learn an easy way how to manage contacts using Easy Redmine Contacts plugin in a short video tutorial. Contacts creation & categories, quick access, search and project contacts.

Managing project finance in Easy Redmine

Learn how to increase the profitability of project and streamline processes using Easy Redmine plugins for project finance.

Redmine Advanced Project Management Plugins

Learn about Easy Redmine Advanced Project Management plugin bundle and how the plugins can help you improve your projects.

Features of Basic Project Management

Learn about a new level of Redmine project management. This video shows the features of Basic Project Management of Easy Redmine.

How Easy improves Redmine

This short tutorial shows how Easy improves the basic Redmine. It provides easy upgrade to an improved user interface and many useful features.

New project set-up

Tasks are always within a project in Redmine. This tutorial shows you how to establish a project with a team, features and how to create the tasks using a Quick Project Planner.

How users basically use Redmine

This video tutorial shows a basic user interaction with Redmine and how users communicate with each other. All is done just by using tasks and e-mails sent from or into Redmine.

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